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How to Breathe for Life  $9.99


Breathing Essentials: How to Breathe of Life. A Definitive Guide. Six weeks to breathe better program.

This is the first course in a series of six courses on Respiration and its effects either positive or negative on the body. It will reveal to you the importance of proper breathing mechanics and function.  All information presented is based on science and research.

How do poor breathing patterns affect pain, posture, and function? This initial course is a standalone course that will provide information on the clinical implications of poor breathing patterns.


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Athletic Performance  $9.99


Have you ever wondered why your legs are exhausted and you are tight as a drum after a long training run or competition?

Are you looking for faster times and fewer injuries?   

What is the true core?

Do you want to dominate your next race?

What is good posture and how can you apply it to your sport?

This course holds great value due to the wealth of information it offers.


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Breathing Pattern Disorders  $9.99


Altered breathing patterns brought on by life, stress, pain, and injury can alter the biochemistry of the blood system and produce negative effects on the health of the body.  Faulty breathing patterns are rarely looked at as being a possible cause of spinal dysfunctions as well as propagating continued pain patterns in fibromyalgia, somatic dysfunctions, neck pain, and upper extremity pain. 


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Foundation Form Function of the Core $9.99


The respiratory system is a vital component of spinal function. The rib cage is the center of trunk rotation and is important in transferring loads from the lower extremities and upper extremities through the various regions of the spine.   The rib cage is a prime base for muscle and fascial connections that affect the cervical and lumbo/pelvic regions. If we don’t breathe properly, the rib cage can be altered and become dysfunctional with poor rotation and poor breathing patterns.   The diaphragm functions in posture and respiration.  Its intimate connections, muscularly and neurologically with the lumbar spine,  deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and its ability to maintain intra-abdominal pressure, are vital for spinal stability.  


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Sleep Apnea and the Consequences $9.99


34% of males and 17% of females in first-world countries are now being diagnosed with sleep apnea. Studies in other countries are lacking. Menopausal women have the same incidence as males.

Are you waking frequently at night to use the restroom?

Are you experiencing daytime sleepiness or morning headache?

Are you aware that sleep apnea and cardiovascular incidents have a higher mortality rate?

Sleep apnea is disordered breathing and needs to be treated if it is present. Many people are not aware of the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea and its consequences.  This course will explain the types of sleep apnea, its causes, signs, and symptoms in an easy-to-understand format. 


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The Anatomical Details  $9.99


Dysfunction of the respiratory complex, trunk muscular imbalances, muscular inhibition and weakness, myofascial restrictions, loss of axial rotation, and chronic hyperventilation, all have significant effects on posture, trunk stability, chronic pain, upper extremity and lower extremity function and motion. 

This seminar deals with the anatomy and function of respiration. Taking one or all of the seminars will provide the essential tools necessary for recognizing and strategies for alleviating Breathing Pattern Disorders in the Pursuit of Ideal Posture and Motion.


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