This post is not for a situation when we are ill with this virus.  Anyone who is having trouble breathing has a fever needs to call their Doctor.  This is for those who are living in fear, worry, and panic at this time.

The body’s reaction to fear and panic.  We have two major nervous systems.  One that runs our movement and feeling and the other automatic system runs all of our other body systems.  This second system is called the Sympathetic Nervous System and is broken into two parts.  One part is the Parasympathetic system and the other the Sympathetic system.

Our Parasympathetic system is our calming system.  One that is in charge when we are happy when we’ve been to the bathroom (with toilet paper) when we are rested and living quietly.  We will be breathing slower, diaphragmatically and usually through the nose. Our breathing and heart rate will both be lower.

The other part is the Sympathetic system.  This is our fight, fright, flight system.  It is associated with breathing fast, upper chest and usually through the mouth.  It comes into play during panic or worrying situations.

We need to control this system at this time.   The slower we can breathe, the better you will feel and the better you will sleep.